good day saturday

yesterday i went to heaven gallery after work.
it was a_lot of fun. i think i dreamed a_lot last night because of it.
i had three dreams.
only one i remember perfectly.
i know we're reporting our dreams. so i'm going to write you a letter today about that dream.
today my guitar is on my lap.
i haven't touched it in FOREVER.
but i'm going to learn a song. even though i probably can't. i'm going to.
the attempt is what matters,
one of my teachers said something LIKE ( i cant remember exactly but this is the idea ) that the fact is that we make images so we can learn what [IT] is, not because we are reporting we ALREADY know what [IT] is. whatever IT is, is to be determined by our own seperate minds. 
i guess i just woke up more appreciative then i was when i was awake last, not that i was ill appreciating all the things in my life, but maybe i wasn't taking full advantage of what i have, and what i can do by myself or in the company of others to make my days pass/.
letter. song. clean room. and then i'm leaving. i don't know where i'll go yet. but its saturday night. yeahhhhhhhhh. i slept intoday.
it was GREAT.
i miss my friends, like brigette\, and i miss kyle regardless how he treats me. i miss all the people i ran into back home. but i'm okay with that. 
hi brigette ;) you are seiroulsy the ONLY person who reads these.
aandddd that makes me so happy, because its the only reason i post :)
i hope you LOVE your saturday as much as i love mine.
my dad is making me ahotdog. i never eat hotdogs. but today im going to. ew.
: ): ) : ):  oildsjfkas.


  1. aw alyssa:) i love reading your posts. everytime. and that makes me excited youre learning a song.

    hows it going,,,what song?

    if you are having fun playing it, you should take a video and put it up here. i really wanna play too!

    maybe ill ask my dad to borrow his guitar.
    yes, my saturday was nice. :) i watched movies with my mom and talked and ate and slept.

    OOOHremember you were o_bsessed with that song

    do you believe in magic.?

    ahah so cute :) and i love the last picture. teach me a song

  2. do you believe in magic haha yes! i was trying brighteyes first track on im wide awake its morning, you know the plane crashing 30,000 feet and then the song it turns into. its just three chords. but my guitar needs to be tuned and i don't know how to do that :( i love movies and eating and sleeping. thats my sunday. and i LOVE sundays.