i really hope you can make this big!
okay brigette this is my mockup.
i don't know what to call it right now so i'm calling it a & b. but i sort of really like it.
two polaroids. each with theyre own navigation buttons so you can flip through them and pair up any two. i'm really excited to see it when i finish. i want 10 polaroids for both of us. and the pictures look so cute together! like no matter what we always go well. then the about will say something about us. and why i made the site. i guess ill write it and you can edit it to your liking? and then the contact will have my contact info on it, and if you WANT yours too! and the best part is. i can make this work for real when the semester is over ;)
anyways tell me what you think! you can be completely honest. i want a good critique.
(i know the handdrawn arrows are faint, i'm going to re do it in pen. i used pencil.)

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  1. ahhhalyssa i love it! i wanna see more

    im really excited to see your polaroids...ok since none of mine had borders (sorry) i think im gonna send you a few more that arent actually polaroids but look like them anyway?

    or would you rather it be the real thing. ill send you them so you can choose

    the websites gonna look so fun i can tell