my little brothers,

its been FOREVER since you've seen me, and even LONGER since you've seen them...
we took these pictures today as presents for my mom for mothers day. i'm printing them the last day of school for her...


  1. how sweet. i remember hearing craigs voice on the phone he sounds like a man. its pretty strange for me to hear, is it for you? rooneys wearing a tie haa his ears look all cute and perked up. thanks for putting these up! and thank you even more for your UPLIFTINGemail, im gonna write you back/callyou. i have work early tomorrow but after that should be good. oh maybe ill wait until your last final/ nownis=now ness

    the ISNESS of this moment
    the now.

  2. craigs voice is not weird to hear no, but what IS weird is when i look at pictures from even just LAST YEAR. how much hes grown. but brigette. i am so down. right now. this present moment. is really disheartening to me right now. seriously. finals need to end. and i need to be reminded of the beautiful qualities that can be inside people because i am starting to lose sight of it. my final was about kyle and time. and i realize that its over. we can talk soon,. were going to have to. i have to make my website still, and write some paper for biology. and to be truthful right now, i don't care the slightest about either. i want to run away with you very very very badly.