OKKKKAY, so today is sunday.
i'm about to leave for work but i wanted to post SOMETHING.
yesterday i went to artropolis, or "art chicago" okay it was amazing, i felt really glad because i've seen alot of the artwork before on blogs and websites and things, but i got to see it real and in front of me. i took SO MANY PICTURES of everything. which i need to put on my computer and post on here for you.. i will do that SOON.
i have oh GOD, like 10 days until schools out. and i have a final i have to make up for all four of my classes. YET i still make time to post on here. hello procrastinating brain. 
see you on the other side :)

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  1. oooooooooh thank you so much for posting,,i always enjoy it when you do.

    soooooooorry i havent been whatsoever. im not even busy. just melancoly,,,,i sorda feel like jaba the hut,just a blob. how else do i explain. i hope a cloud comes and picks me up

    ill put up something real soon,promise