what's the ANSWER?

****it gets BIG!

hey brigette. remember this? well i DID fill it out. even though it looks like you filled it out yourself, OR like i wrote myself a letter./// our handwriting can make us look pathetic.

not as pathetic as i feel right now. i should NOT be posting on this blog. i should be working on my extech final. that i'm avoiding. i'll end up doing something shitty last minute. which is terrible. but i feel SO UNINSPIRED. i just want time to do nothing. i want to feel nothing, so that i want to feel the somethings again. i HATE being forced to make work. bllllargggg.G.

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  1. youDIDanswer it! i was hoping you would :) im glad you put it up :) :)

    uuuuuuuuhhh i know how you feel about being told to make things. i only wanna make things when im feeling excited and inspired you know,,it just flows. thats why i have been doin NOTHINNNN. i want to take pictures. we would make crazy pictures together. i see a project in our future, lots ofthem!! you see it