i'm ALWAYS a mess;

& i feel like that is ALWAYS okay.
i read things i wrote when i was younger. younger in college. and i feel like i've been slacking. but that will change. i hope that will change. i like every single person i have in my life at this present moment. even though some of those people aren't living where i'm living. i love the person i have in alaska. i love the person i have in las vegas, i love the person i have in california? i love the person i have in new york city. and i love when you rediscover things. i love the person i rediscovered in illinois. along with all the other people i love in illinois. i love to love. and i love summer. and all the beautiful possibilities it has to offer me. 

and you.


  1. i love loving too. youre doing so greaT
    SOgreat. it makes me glad. and gives me hope



  2. hey you switched it around, i likkke it. you seem to have always have a funny sleeping schedule. stop those energy drinks! :) i sleep every night like a clam. i picture clams sleeping a lot. and i do. too.